by Toula Cassen


Crossroads - 


Points in our lives ;


A Pause , to consider  and to choose .



Welcome once again.

Since the last time i have shared a post with you -

The Portrait of Africa exhibition series has been completed . 


Being the first series in this fundraising venture i am happy to say 

it was undoubtedly a success , and shortly i will have the honour of 

forwarding the proceeds to The Futures in the Wild foundation . 

You can read more about it ,in detail, in the Exhibition series tab .

In addition , i have finally added detail to my next blog

which showcases the beautiful island of Paros , Greece .

I had the wonderful pleasure of staying on Paros, in July .

Immersing myself in island life for a month was indeed 

a memorable experience . 

I m going to let the images do the talking because Paros 

cant really be put into words 

Its rather a visual and sensory feast .

Hope you enjoy the images .





toula  xx