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A Portrait of Africa 

Crossroad et al 's first exhibition

was held in May and was a huge success .

Thankyou to all who attended and supported

this Fundraising initiative 

toula cassen 0422000336

   A Portrait of Africa

- the first exhibition in the   CROSSROADS-ET-AL venture has launched !!

 This is  a fundraising initiative aiming to empower through a lens . 

Proceeds from the two exhibits will go back into Kenya , specifically to the  'Futures in the Wild' charity which focuses on educational opportunities for children, in the Mara region .

I am pleased to say that the exhibitions were a huge success and the message behind Crossroads et al is now taking its first big steps out on its own in the public eye .

Of course you can still purchase prints or donate to this fundraising initiative with all the details below . 

Toula xx


When i travelled to Africa , last year, the amazing people at Iconic Africa , in particular Julia Fryer , expressed to me how important travel like mine is to the conservancies in Kenya and Botswana . "we make a massive difference to educating and empowering young women in the region".

I personally witnessed with significant sadness what a lack of choice means . But they can have choices ! 


In the words of Lippa Wood , the founder of 'Futures in the wild' these girls are now graduating from the Emarti school. In 2011 only a few girls joined and now over 50% of the 300 plus students are girls .


Dorms are being built so that the kids don't have to travel miles to and from school with the dangers that this ,at times, holds for the children . 


The proceeds from the crossroads et al exhibition  will hopefully offer something meaningful to these kids. In specific terms the aim is to provide lunch for the kids of the Emarti school for one year !

We're approximately 3/4 of the way to achieving our target !

The  final exhibition in this series was held at the Corner Gallery, in Stanmore .

We re now in a position to donate the proceeds back to the Futures in the Wild charity .

Of course any sales after theses events will also be directed to the charity 





            ON THE CURRENT PRICE !!

Thankyou!!!! to all who have participated amd contributed .Here is a little montage of the wonderful experience that was A Portrait of Africa ! 


Now Available 

Antelope sunset
  • Antelope in the sunset 

Canson photographique rag 310 gsm 

1200 cm x 900 cm 


Zebras on guard
Pelicans in flight
The stillness of the Delta
The hunt
Impalas frolicking 253182
Zebra crossing
Widerbeest migration
  • pelicans in flight 

  • 3 zebras 

  • wilderbeest crossing

  • zebra crossing

  • the hunt 

  • impalas frolicking 

  • the still of the delta

 Canson photographique rag - 310 gsm

  75 x 32 cm 

  $ 310 

elephant cluster
zebras in tall grass
Blue crested eagle
Mother and child
elephant in marshland
lions sitting
lions playing
sunset on the zambesi
  • zebras in tall grass 

  • elephant cluster 

  • heron in grass

  • sunset on  the zambesi 

  • lions playing 

  • lions sitting

  • elephant in marshland 

  • elephant ; mother and child

  • eagle  

  • kingfisher 

Canson photographique rag - 310 gsm 

50 cm x 40 cm 


  • Giraffe with oxpeckers

  • leopard up a tree

  • giraffe crossing 

  • cheetah pose 

  • 2 antelope walking

  • adult  lion

  • oryx pose 

  • baby lion 

  • heron , splendour in the grass 

Canson photographique rag - 310 gsm

25cm x 30cm 


  • All prints mounted on  light weight gator board 

  • Further  enquiries, viewings, donations and purchases can be made , simply by contacting me at the following -


  • 0422000336

  • Direct debit :BSB012281  Acc; 420549411

  • Once again , please note that proceeds go directly to the     "Futures in the Wild " charity ,            a venture aiming to assist                  the Emarti school , in Kenya ,            to realise socio-economic opportunites for its school children . 


 Thank you for your consideration xx

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