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Victoria Falls, Zambia

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Words pale in comparison to the majesty of the Falls. They are powerful and at the same time sublime.

The Zambians call them Moso Tunia .. the smoke that thunders .

An apt description.

As you walk towards the Falls' crevice , you hear the roar before you see it. A long walkway ,about 3 kilometres envelops you in a journey of sight ,sound and touch

(aka as getting soaked!)

The falls in the morning, when the light captures a crisp

and powerful movement.

Leaving the tranquility of the Royal Livingstone Hotel you get a sense of the power of the Falls awaiting. The steam and the muted hum in the distance beckon ....

It doesn't take long to sense and site the turmoil of the river's waters fighting the rapids .

One more pathway..a few steps down and BAM !!


The sight is exquisite and the light is crisp, sharp and fresh as though the earth has just woken #royallivingstonehotel #africa #iconicafrica #andbeyond

The Falls by dusk

Its late afternoon and there is something mystical calling you back to see the Falls one last time . You succumb ...this time the light has lost its crispness .

Its a completely different sensation..subtle and sublime .

I remain speechless!

Hope you enjoyed this post ...Next stop...Chobe, Botswana...xx

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