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The Mara...Kenya

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

The first stop was the Mara region in Kenya .

Friends warned and worried that i would be held captive by Marai tribesmen, never to see civilisation again . No chance of that .. As it turned out i was too old for being taken captive or turned into a child bride.!They called me Mum , ( can't seem to escape this title ) left to my own devices which was a good thing because the scenery and wildlife were extraordinary .

sunrises / sunset

God's symphony over the Mara no 1

God's symphony no 2

Solitary antelope contemplating the end of the day .

The savannah took on an elegant , female form . She and many of her friends danced in the brilliant light of dusk .

Rekero Camp superbly organised by Julia Fryer from @iconic africa

I couldnt ask for a better introduction to Safaris and the world of camping . Amazing location ; crossings could occur while you were having breakfast ; eclectic people all meeting at this one point in the world to pay homage to a world of magnificent wild animals . (#outofafrica #safari #iconicafrica )

The Wilerbeest: Determined, Committed. A thundering force of nature

They move en masse , they raise a hell of a dust storm and teams of people from around the world come to see and feel their energy .

The peak hour rush on the Mara river waters .

Key Species found in the Mara

Wildlife in your face , unadulterated , raw yet tender, powerful yet vulnerable .

They keep you enthralled for hours .

Next post ... Zambia and the mighty falls .

see you then xx

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