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Chobe, Botswana

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Crossing from Zambia into Botswana is reminiscent of Romancing the Stone movies , minus Michael Douglas but complete with chaos and mayhem.

Somehow ; the river crossing in amongst the 50 border transport trucks , the transfer from one guide to another ,to another and to another , the hour long drive into the heart of the Chobe river - all successfully and safely handed this totally green traveller into the hands of her next camp #Chobeundercanvas.

Oh and what a camp it was !! Its no nonsense , bucket shower reality . It doesn't apologise for the dust but it confidently delivers the best Chobe has to offer . The sounds, the competent guides and the photos here were more subtle, more sublime . The camera was very pleased! #iconicafrica #realsafari #africancamping

A study of elephant behaviour

'We are family...'

'You go your way , i ll go mine ..''

'Sometimes you just need a good scratch ...'

"and other times you need to play .."

'..but at the end of the day .. you need to go home ..'

"lets not forget the other animals that deserve attention , by the Chobe river"

Chobe..synonymous with instant gratification

Be prepared to be intoxicated and infuriated at the same time .

The bird life is super swift and will challenge your photographic adeptness.

They're fast and furious and will challenge your ability to keep up.

They're photographic call is catch me if you can ...

The leopard on the other hand chooses to exasperate with its inertia . If she doesn't want to move off that tree...she damn well won't !

But hey! Its Africa, working by the beat of its own drum . You learn to play within its unique rhythm..and love it #iconicafrica #chobecharm #beautifulbotswana

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