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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

A piece of perfection in the Cycladic islands : stunningly active waters ;

serene beauty ; and the most beautiful light.


Ever since i was a little girl , i was infatuated with the detail on doors and ..

walking through the small streets of Paros there was an abundance

of these beauties .

The spaces behind may be dark and dingy but their facade stands defiant and strong

- a statement to the world that its residents were proud once and will be again .


The lovely Maura who managed my AirbnB advised me , in the nicest possible way, to go and 'get lost' in the streets of Parikia and Naoussa ( the two main towns of Paros )... and that's exactly what we did .. at first we were mice in white washed mazes .. however after a while our senses aclimatised and somehow we become locals ,instinctively 'knowing ' the right direction .

(slide to the right)

Water water everywhere !!!

Of course there is beautiful water everywhere on this amazing planet .

But .. Greek island water is alive, delicious and ever changing .

In my next life i 'm coming back as a fish ..x


We' ve all seen the postcards , but to immerse yourself in the sublime beauty of

white ,blue and spotted colour is to experience an amazing sense of peace and invigoration .

On Paros old and new share the same canvas without any fuss .

I m often obsessed with Greece's ability to display coexistance of its past and

its present . Its not for show nor for profit . It simply just is !

And our role in this :

Be part of a greater , more expansive time line than our own life spans .

Thankyou for taking the time to look at this page xx


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