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The Okavengo Delta

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

As much as the Mara represented a vastness and majesty ,the Delta was a more subtle visual . It was all about attention to detail . The wildlife wasn't in abundance but it was most certainly there. It didnt perform on stage in a stunning spectacular however with patience, and perseverance the guide and the guided could view an inordinate amount of wildlife and its behaviour. In the Delta the wildlife either ignore the cars or hide from them . If you want to see them , watch their daily life , learn from them you have to work at it !

But it is definitely worth the time and effort . At the end of a game drive you feel the privilege of having been participant to the sublime behaviours of our four legged friends. It is a given that you will feel sizeably more enriched than the day before .

On first glance the Delta charges you with elegance and grace . Its lushness is mesmerising .

The Delta's devil is in its detail and this is where a raw beauty is waiting to confront .

The smell hits you before you see the kill !

Its a confrontation but at the same time its a reality .

You're in they're turf and this is what they do to survive .... daily .

If they're fast and lucky .

The Delta unfolds a myriad of individual herds, prides , solo'ers going about their daily life with one purpose only , to hunt , to kill, to eat and survive .

The pride of lions ready for a hunt . They prick up at a sound or a scent and prey in pairs.

In the Delta there is a distinct impression that the domain is not for humans and we are at best humoured , toyed with or ...warned .

'I ve asked you nicely .. don't mess with me !'

However, as much as you may feel inconsequential the Delta strokes you with a kindness and leaves you with a balancing message - that nature is not all foreboding ..

Next stop... stunning accomodation !

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